East coast Jewish deli meets Israeli "street" food by Aaron London, Michelin star chef and owner of AL’s Place.



Inside AL’s Deli, the Splashy New Mission Sibling of AL’s Place

“It’s an appropriate pairing with London’s menu of dishes inspired by trips to Jaffa, Israel, where diners spill onto the street at cafes.”

Deli-Style Spinoff of AL’s Place Opens in July With Fluffy Falafel and Smokey Brisket

“I don’t know if it’s so many years in fine dining but I just want to cook something super delicious that’s super easy for people to come and eat.”


Al’s Deli opens in the Mission District

“Everything worth knowing about Al’s Deli, the casual spinoff of Michelin-starred Al’s Place, can be found in one of the new restaurant’s menu items — falafel corn dog bites.”

Aaron London of Al’s Place is opening a new Mission spot: Al’s Deli

“The idea, London says, is to use those influences create “new dishes that are neither (cuisine) and not authentic to either, but represent present-day Americana.”


AL's Deli Debuts Today
With Crave-Worthy, Casual Israeli-ish Food

“We saw the menu a couple weeks back, and last week I got a chance to preview the food, all of which was as delicious and interesting as we've come to expect from London.”


Upcoming Offshoots: Che Fico Alimentari, AL's Deli, More

“Think stuffed latkes, salads, sandwiches, sides, and large-format platters.”